Regain Control Over
Cloud Data Security & Compliance

Why we are here

We felt the pain caused by the cloud data chaos

Data creation has become chaotic. Data is no longer centralized in a single database or storage, but decentralized throughout the cloud infrastructure, regions, VPCs and services, as well as flows between workload apps.

Security and compliance teams simply don't know where their data stores are, what sensitive data is inside, and where the data can go or is going.

If you don’t know that sensitive data exists and can’t follow where it flows, you can’t protect it.

We created Polar Security to relieve these pains at their core.

An audacious goal, but a refreshingly simple approach to SEE, FOLLOW & PROTECT the data.

Polar security-Polar team

Our mission

To secure cloud-native data as fast as developers create it

We knew that the only way to continuously secure the data chaos is see it all - across managed, unmanaged and their shadow data that developers and DevOps often doesn’t notice, let alone document.

The only way to secure without slowing developers and DevOps down or compromising security while developers and DevOps flies ahead is to automate and simplify.

To empower security  and compliance teams to continuously understand and classify which data is sensitive to focus valuable resources where needed, and to follow the flows - to protect from actual and potential risk.
And so, Polar Security was born.

Polar security-Polar team

Founding Team

Polar security- Dov Yaron

Dov Yoran


Polar security-Linkedin-dark
Polar team- Guy Shanny

Guy Shanny

Co-Founder, CEO

Polar security-Linkedin-dark
Polar team- Roey Yaacovi

Roey Yaacovi

Co-Founder, CTO

Polar security-Linkedin-dark


Jim Reavis
Tim Belcher
Ann Johnson
Tom Noonan
Omkhar Arasaratnam
Rajat Bhargava
Daniel Ingevaldson

Our Team

Polar team- Chen Shalit

Chen Shalit

HR & Operation Manager

Polar team- Zvi Wexlstein

Zvi Wexlstein

Software Architect

Polar team- Shiran Bardugo

Shiran Bardugo

Director of Engineering

Assaf Miron

Assaf Miron

Director of Product

Polar team- Raz David

Raz David

Engineering Team Lead

Polar team- Nati Levy

Nati Levy

Frontend Lead

Polar team- Nimrod Ini

Nimrod Iny

Marketing Lead

Polar team- Dan Siletski

Dan Siletski


Polar team- Tamar Stern

Tamar Stern

Engineering Team Lead

Polar team- Ofek Waiz

Ofek Waiz


Polar team- Omri Basch

Omri Basch


Polar team- Daniel Tal

Daniel Tal


Yuval Zelinger

Yuval Zelinger


Polar team- Srul Dahan

Srul Dahan


Polar team- Edan Podeh

Edan Podeh

Cyber Data Analyst

Polar team- Roy Aboodi

Roy Aboodi


Polar security-The First Automated Cloud-Native Data Security & Compliance Platform-Nice bear

Polly Bear

Head of the North

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