Integrating Polar Security with Google Drive

See how Polar Security integration with Google Drive can help you uncover sensitive information saved in Personal and Shared Drives.


Polar Security App for Google Drive can help security and compliance teams find any sensitive information shared in Personal and Shared Drives.

Connecting Polar Security to more SaaS applications and Cloud Workloads can show if sensitive information was copied between different cloud accounts, who has access to sensitive information, and how sensitive data flows in your Cloud.


To connect Polar Security to your Google Workspace:

  1. Login to Polar Security Dashboard
  2. Go to Settings
  3. "Click on Connect Cloud Account" -> "SaaS Application" -> and choose Google Drive
  4. Follow the instructions on the screen to grant the required permissions

Polar Security will now use the permissions to discover and classify sensitive information in Personal and Shared Drives for the supported file types.

Google Drive OAuth Scopes

To find sensitive information in files for both Shared and Personal Drives, we need to use the following OAuth scopes

OAuth Scope Description Reason
drive.readonly See and download all your Google Drive files. The drive read only will be used to classify the sensitive data in files. We do not store the files in our servers.
drive.metadata.readonly View metadata for files in your Google Drive. The metadata read only will be used to get files and folders metadata to show in Polar Security Dashboard. Scope for only retrieving users or user aliases. The user read only will be used to list the users in Google Drive. Scope for only retrieving group, group alias, and member information. The group read only will be used to list available groups in Google Drive. Scope for only retrieving group member roles and information. The group member read only will be used to get a groups' members to show the relevant file owner and calculating Data Entitlements reports. Scope for only retrieving domains. The domain read only will be used to better understand the Google Drive domain scope.

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