Expose And Act Upon
Data Vulnerabilities & Compliance Violations

Automate Data Store Inventory

Automatically detect all shadow & cloud-native data stores continuously created by R&D.  See a complete inventory of your data stores.

Automate Data Stores Inventory

Audit Data Flows Drifts

Get a complete visibility of your data flows and movements, highlighting them to continuously identify security and compliance issues before they become costly.  

Continuously map and differentiate between actual and potential flows, to see every drift, security and compliance risk.

Audit on Data Flows Changes

Prevent Exposed Data

Map data posture and expose data risks associated with unknown shadow data stores with public access, misconfigurations, weak authentication, lax permissions, and more.

Identify where sensitive data was knowingly or accidentally left behind, and actual or potential flows to restricted accounts or geographies to prevent costly data risk and compliance violations.

Prevent Exposed Data

Prevent & Act on Ransomware

Ensure your sensitive data stores are ransomware resilient. Automatically detect and prioritize the vulnerable known and unknown shadow data stores, and proactively eliminate gaps in ransomware preparedness.

Cloud-native data protection that continuously monitor and receive alerts for potential flows to data stores that can be exploited by ransomware.

Prevent & Act on Ransomware

Prevent Compliance Violations

Detect and mitigate compliance violations before they become costly. Identify cross region sensitive data flow, misplaced PIIs, unencrypted credit cards, unauthorized collection of personal data, and more.

Define data boundaries and ensure global regulatory compliance for data security and privacy (GDPR, CCPA, etc). Report effortlessly.

Prevent Compliance Violations

Do you know your data security posture and compliance violations?

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